About Will May
1957 -  The experiences of Father passing to Son.  
            Carpentry was a familiar activity.  From cabinetry to entire homes, the lessons learned from being a Carpenter's Apprentice proved to 
            be the foundation of a long career.

1977 - Graduating from Dean Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, work with various engineering firms provided an understanding of the 
           various engineering systems that buildings utilize.

1982 - The closing of many Pittsburgh steel mills in the Recession of the 1980's provided the opportunity to go to the University of 
            Pittsburgh for a higher level of educational experience in the Sciences and Arts.

1990 - As the economy emerged from the loss of jobs in the region, Vocational Education provided a different challenge and opportunity.  
           Teaching both high school students and adult students provided an experience that helped solidify fundamental experiences and form 
           new understandings of working with a vast number of personalities.

2000 - With a newly developed skill set, moving from education back into architecture provided a more focused exposure to how architectural 
           services are provided to clients.  Working with a number of architects, seeing how buildings emerged using computer aided design 
           software & the formation of how to provide services to clients evolved to being able to take a client from an idea to turnkey buildings.

2004 - Additional experience included earning a Real Estate License and working with the regions largest family owned Real Estate service - 
           The Howard Hanna Real Estate Company.  Assisting clients with selling an purchasing homes provided an understanding of sales and 
           marketing that most traditional schools focused solely on architecture don't offer.

2010 - As part of NCARB, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, I have participated in IDP - the Intern ( architect ) Development 
           Program and completed the 5,600 hour program as of February 2010.  My eventual goal is to become a Registered Architect. 

2016 - The Experience of the Son.  Working independently or with colleagues I now produce various projects from Residential to Commercial.     
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